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If you care to hear technological issues, hear are a couple that I have noted.

Thermal Optics - They should not be able to see through solid matterial. The thermal band is between 5-14 microns which corresponds to most vibrational and rotational energy levels. Most matterials are not transmissive at these wavelengths. Some exceptions are silicon, germanium, and saphire. Even a normal window is opaque to thermal radiation.

Free Electron Laser in the point defense setion - FELs are generally very large and heavy (10s of tons), and they require a source of high energy electrons. They produce x-ray radiation that is not capable of being steered by normal mirrors. (There are x-ray "mirrors" that rely on grazing incidence to diffract the x-rays, but they can only steer the beam by a fixed and limited amount.) If you were just looking for something "techy" sounding, you could say a "Q-switched, regeneratively amplified, femtosecond pulse laser."

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