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Continuity problem

Hermes page 87-88 is mostly ice. Neither the map or description reflect that.

from the original.

Mu Herculis-Hermes: The Mu Herculis star system is a trinay grouping of two M4 V
stars and a G5 IV star, Mu Herculis A. Circling Mu Herculis A are six planets, of which Hermes
is the third. Hermes has a diameter of nearly 10,000 kilometers and a surface gravity of 0.73
G. Its surface is 80 percent water, all of it ice except for a narrow equatorial band. America
and Australia cooperated in a joint colonial venture here, aided by funding from the Alberta
Farmer’s Cooperative. Initial plans were to make this an agrarian colony, but, when that failed,
a private group used the world as the site of the Mule Corporation, a maker of heavy machinery
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