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Originally Posted by ShawnDriscoll View Post
Serenity is what I use whenever I have a Traveller/SW itch.
Aside from both using dice steps, and point build, the two systems are very different.

Savage WorldsSerenityFirefly
Basic Roll ModedSkill & d6, keep 1ddStat+dSkill+dPlotPointSpend totaldStat+dSkill+d(4 or 8 Distinction)+d6{Item}+d6{Specialty}+d6{Skill focus}+dPenalty{Opponent's penalty}{another of any of these per plot point
DamageWildcards 3 wounds, others 1 woundHit PointsA wound removes from scene; target PP converts it to a penalty based upon an unkept die (d4 if no dice)
Reroll a task, keep best.
Early editions allow converting to XP.
Plot Points
can add a die to a task (more=bigger)
can reduce damage
can trigger advantages
Plot Points
Can convert taken out into wound.
Can buy temporary items at d6
Power some abilities
Can allow adding a second distinction, skill, attribute, item, or opponent penalty die to pool
can directly add things to the situation
AdvancementXP, spent only at level up.XP spent between sessionVERY slow, completion of prior sessions.
Player Narrative AuthorityNoneLimited, plot point spend.moderate, see plot point spends.
Shipstools with statblockLook like PCs, but function is more like tool.Stats used by PCs in place of attributes
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