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Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
I forgot to list the success rolls for Command College. The die rolls listed were the assignments for the other three years.

IIRC, the roll was a 5 (success) and an A failure, so passed, w/o Honors. My CC thesis was "Upon Leading Marines on the Modern Battlefield". So that would be Leader-1 for Command College Skill then? Which would give you Leader-3.

EDIT: Father is of the Maltese. GCM in fact. It is he who has managed my inheritance until my retirement from office. Where did you get the idea that Royal Marine Commandos retired? They get Retirement Pay at 5 Terms, but they are always listed on the Imperial and Royal Armed Forces Duty Rolls as Reserves. So, you don't put (RM Ret.) after your name, you append (RMR, for Royal Marine Reserves) to your name.
Dear Ma mah is of the old C and C. KHC. Truth be told, my siblings and I wouldn't be here had Father not taken that wound during that Parthian uprising in 130. Points for referencing the History. I gave you a KSM, but I can change that to The Most Ancient and Excellent Order of Maltese if you desire.
EDIT: Updated your Knighthood to The Most Ancient and Excellent Order of Maltese

And it is Family Tradition that we be among the Blunt and Honest Members of the Elevators. The rumor mongering hustlers in the Elevators are New Money or Old Hens.

I expect my side arm will be a slug thrower. Family Tradition and all that. Tradition also dictates we update our Life Insurance on our birthdays, and as near the Birthday of the Marines as possible, so twice a year. Cool beans, now I have to figure out when that is? Hmmmm. I will have to get back to that. Never thought I might have to know what the date for the founding of the Imperial or Royal Marines were.
So there are my responses. Got any from your end now?
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