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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
You can't layer "The Imperium" on to such a structure, not the canonical at least, since the Imperium is the Imperium partly because of the structure of the 2D map. The Imperium has actual borders.

Other than that, going to a lower distribution of planets, along with a longer jump (say J1 is 3 parsecs instead of 1 parsec, or something similar) can counter the cubic complexity issue, making the differences a wash.

But trying to get the higher level Imperial dynamic in to such a sphere, is less practical. It can be inspired to be sure "Look! We have Dukes!" but the history itself is quite different.

What would the Spinward Marches volume be like?
You would have to substantially re-hash the OTU to fit it to a 3 dimensional space, which was the point of my post. Also, the cubic relationship grows, well, cubically, so it gets bigger a lot quicker than a two dimensional space. It's not just bigger, it grows at a higher rate.

Borders can exist in three dimensions, but you get back to needing CGI to visualise them. A 3 dimensional border based on power projection capability from systems (i.e. some function of jump range) would look like an agglomeration of spheres resembling Yog-Sothoth; intersections between spherical regions of influence belonging to different parties would result in lenticular regions that could be contested. If there was a system in that overlapping region then it could potentially be the subject of conflict.

Alternatively you would have to find a way to sneak a fleet into a neighbouring unihabited system and use it as a jump-off point for an attack. Keeping systems that could be used in this way patrolled to prevent this from happening would be a substantial ongoing job for the Navy.

A 40x32x40 sector would be around 50,000 cubic parsecs and a subsector around 800. For 26 systems per subsector you would have about 30 cubic parsecs per world, or an average of J3-4 between sytems. To fit the same number of worlds (about 400) into the sector, you would have about 6.5 systems per subsector, or about 1 per 120 cubic parsecs, averaging 5-7 parsecs parsecs apart.
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