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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
BTDT. Post #109, from Sunday:

Did Hampton have more questions for Verchanski after that?

Hampton already listened to Kalos's voice message and told Kalos to go ahead and list the cargo for sale.


"I appreciate your time Mr. Verchanski, and we might do business in the future but right now I need to attend to some matters before we land - customs and all that red tape. I'll be in touch, though, after we're on the ground."

Hampton leaves and heads to the bridge to take the controls until we make orbit to give Kalos times to rest and eat before landing. Hampton will land the ship once he gets clearance on approach from Traffic.

(OOC - SOP will be that, so long as he is conscious, alert, and breathing Kalos will pilot the ship during routine operations. Landings, take-offs, scoops, and anything out of the ordinary will be Hampton's job.)
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