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Default Fortunate Son (shiptime 1930, 2013-08-12)

[OOC: Hearing nothing further, let's fast-forward to ship's approach to Devonia. We're picking up again 30 light-seconds out from Devonia; if someone not on pain meds wants to do the math to figure out the time (constant acceleration course at 3 G, now on deceleration phase) let me know, otherwise I'm just guesstimating at 1.25 hours left to reach orbit.]

The Fortunate Son makes the trip to Devonia with no problems. Here is what happens along the way:

With no other traffic insystem, the ship is not required to keep the Bridge manned until it is within one light-minute of populated area.

Kalos sends in the cargo information for the public sale listings.

Max and Henry, with the help of crew volunteers, keep an eye on the maneuver drive all the way - a few more indicators turn yellow, but nothing actually malfs.

Max manages some fresh baked goods a couple times each day; it keeps up his morale by helping him relax in between drive room shifts, and keeps up crew morale by providing something to munch on with coffee. Janna fixes one meal per day for crew, and also feeds the passengers; other than that, food for the crew is self-serve.

Near the end of the trip, the ship receives a call from traffic control advising of another ship exiting jump and proceeding to scoop at Peytonia. You are also receiving the other ship's transponder, which identifies it as Danny Krovitz, type A2 Far Trader registered out of Zhemi, Captain Horris Vashnakoviir commanding.

As Fortunate Son gets closer to Devonia, it starts receiving automated adverts for various ship services, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc from Devonia City; SOP would be to let Alfred filter these out, recording the adverts for later viewing if anyone is interested.

Now Fortunate Son is 30 light-seconds (abt 9 million km) out from Devonia, with about 6.75 hours remaining to orbit.

Kalos is on the Bridge when traffic control calls to ask whether Fortunate Son intends to orbit (in which case orbit parameters will be assigned) or land at the port (in which case approach instructions will follow).

Assuming that you intend to land, approach instructions are provided and Fortunate Son is assigned a pad near the port office. Port regulations require all crew and passengers to remain on the ship until cleared by customs.

Anybody want to do anything before you land at the port?

EDIT: According to Fritz, 30 light-seconds out is still 6 hours, 48 minutes of decel to orbit. I'm editing shiptime accordingly; you are 30 light-seconds out and still have 6 hours 48 min to Devonia.

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