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Originally Posted by sabredog View Post
Only find out what Verchanski's business might be able to provide as a source of cargo/brokerage house/adventures/patronage/etc..
BTDT. Post #109, from Sunday:
Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Verchanski thanks Hampton for his inquiry, and says that he is feeling much better after Doc's treatment. He sometimes travels on business, and the jump sickness never hits him this bad. "I guess I'd better start taking those preventative meds from now on."

He tells Hampton a bit about his business - mostly import/export broker, and he would be happy to represent the Fortunate Son. No, he doesn't have any particular ideas about current cargo, as he has been away for several months and needs to get back to his office to check his expert-system.

He also frequently acts as middleman in putting together deals for new products, finding parts suppliers and packagers and so forth. He is authorized to represent several manufacturers of different types, so can usually find someone to make whatever needs to be made.

Verchanski whips out his datapad and offers a contract for e-signing if Hampton wants to authorize him to act as broker for the Fortunate Son's cargo - but Hampton notes that the fee is high and structured so that he gets paid even if he doesn't make the sale, plus there is already Kalos on board to act as broker at no extra charge above his regular salary.

Which reminds him (Hampton), that he had a voice message from Kalos, something about some deals he spotted in the info pkg from Devonia...
Did Hampton have more questions for Verchanski after that?

Hampton already listened to Kalos's voice message and told Kalos to go ahead and list the cargo for sale.

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