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Small Starburst The Imperial Stationary

The Imperial Stationary.
(Used: formal decrees, proclamations, orders, or invitations.)

A luminescent white parchment envelope with Imperial purple edging and silkage* ribbons surmounted by a Royal blue, bio-reactive wax with the Seal of the Imperium impressed in it. The Seal of the Imperium signifies that His Majesty is acting as The Emperor. If the Seal is the Arms of Vladimir II, High Lord of Permatic then His Majesty is acting in the Royal guise. One may in some rare circumstance refuse His Royal Majesty, but one never refuses His Imperial Majesty.

You press your left thumb upon the Seal to open it. It is suggested at this time to check the individual delivering such a Sealed material has handed you the correct item or has the counter-agent handy as the result of an unauthorized person trying and failing to break a Seal is often quick, fatal and unpleasant. (Such Seals are familiar to you if you have served in the Joint Armed Forces or other service or agency that uses this authentication method for classified materials.)

The parchment and ribbons have that certain handmade quality that His Majesty (and thus the Court) has encouraged among those wealthy enough to import such novelties as hand made parchment in a digital, interstellar empire. They exchange paper calling and business cards, they wear natural fiber clothing worked by hand sometimes "from the Beast to the Suit", they hunt exotic game on far away worlds from air/rafts wielding hand armored, low tech slug throwers. Such is the life of the upper classes and its aim is not merely to show off, but to encourage interstellar trade with the lower tech societies and cultures and help bring them to the stars.
"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." - General James Mattis.

3 times elevated Knight of the Iridium Throne, Marquis Djar, Marquis of the Solomani Rim (Fafhrd), Count Uakye, and Count Jana. Duke Ninua of the Imperial Core.
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