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I thought you guys would like to see this.

I'm planning on starting a campaign in the Spinward Marches soon - centered around Regina.
So, I decided to put together a map handout for my players.

On the top we have the full map a little bit smaller than it's printed size. It should span two sheets of A4 (about 16"). On the bottom is the image at screen resolution so you can see all the lovely detail that has been compressed out of the full size version [img]smile.gif[/img]
I've offset the planets in their hexes so that they don't all line up in neat vertical and diagonal rows. They are still within their hex but just not centered. I'm going to put together a system datafile for the players that details the distances between them so they don't need to have the hex grid overlayed. I haven't added the system data to the map yet either (starport type, gas giant etc etc..)
For the planets I've used Behind the Claw and the Internet as reference. I only had the maps for Regina and Dinom so the rest are made up. I've tried to vary them visually as much as possible.

Enjoy, Crow

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