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Originally posted by Aravain:
How does the T20 history mesh with all the previous versions? Does Virus still exist or are we treating it (Traveller, the New Age) like the shower season of Dallas? The T20 history seems to gloss over much and ,unless you are familiar with all the T versions, forces our group's T newbies to be confused. Is there a complete and accepted history out there? Thank you for any help.
The T20 Campaign is set in the Year 1000, during the Solomani Rim War, but set in Gateway Domain. Everything upto that point is still the same as previously established in canon, and from what Hunter, MJD and a few others have said, they intend on following canon for all future releases, the Rebellion, Virus and everything else. It's not supposed to be an Alternate Traveller Universe, as is GURPS Traveller, but the OTU set during a specific time.

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