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Default SectorMaker for the iPad

SectorMaker is a free iOS application for iPad only that facilitates the creation of sector star charts with subsector names, world details, political allegiances, labels, regions, borders, and trade and communication routes.

Sector, subsector, and world maps is made possible by the use of Joshua Bell’s POSTER API at the Traveller Map website. Note that an internet connection is required for mapping functionality. A big thank you to Joshua for providing this great resource for Traveller fans.

Data export lets you print maps using Traveller Map's Poster Maker.

SectorMaker star generation and world creation features follow the rules in the Charting the Stars chapter of the Traveller5 Core Rules and is fully compatible with the latest errata and T5 Second Survey conventions.

App Store Preview:

I've posted a few tutorial articles in my blog:

This app replaces my old SectorMaker for the Mac app (circa 2014) which had ceased to function over the years. This version, besides working, is greatly improved and includes many more features and enhancements. I'm still just a "citizen developer" so fancy pants stuff like clicking on maps isn't gonna happen. Still, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.
Mac & iOS software for Traveller:

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