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Default Cost adjustment

We may need to revisit it's age in light of the masterpiece level quality of the ship (the creature that is the ship). I have no clue how to adjust cost for age in your ATU if this ship predates the society. An example would be the USS Constitution, cost $5000 or so to build, today that's likley just the daily maintance budget.

Age of ship 20 to 40 years to reach 200 Dt's then 490 to 980 years to reach an additional 49 tons at reduced growth rates of 1%: 510 to 1020 years.
Age of "implants" at least 40 years less than age of ship, and could be much newer if the ship had been refitted more recently. In 10 to 20 years the ship should reach 250 tons and have to rerate the drives as the hull has advanced to size C(-).
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