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Engineering: Jump 5 Maneuver 5
The ship will be constructed with Powerplant 4 ULT and J-4 ULT and M-4 ULT (delivers J=5, P 5, M-5 performance at 7 fuel units*JN in a 200 Dt hull)

Jump Drive D ULT (Potiental 4 *1.3=5.2) Fuel J-1 = 14, J2=28, J3=42 J4=56 and J5 = 70. 25 Dt for the Jump Drive Cost X2 = 50 MCr

PowerPlant D ULT (Potiental 4*1.3=5.2) Fuel use for operations per month = 5X2/100*.7=.07 tons Plant is 13 tons Cost X 2 =26 MCr

M-Drive D ULT (Potiental 4 *1.3=5.2) 7 Dt Cost X2 28MCr

Fuel and engineering 70 Dt jump fuel 1 Dt PP fuel (14 months) 45 Dt engineering spaces. 104 MCr * 1.9 cost for the corporation =197.6 Mcr

QREBS note PP 338 does not give the ULT stage MOD for drives only cost efficency and fuel use modifiers DM ruling if the QREBS ULT stage mod of +4 should apply to this section.

P 500 Does give the mod to volume for ULT stage effects it/s divide by 4 Jump Drive (25/4 *1.1 min 10) = 10 m-drive (7/4 *.8 min 2) = 2 PPlant = 13/4 *.9 min 4 = 4 hence all three drives fall under the minimum size rule so adverse burden was unable to bring them above the minimum size as the starship drives table states cost is rated on a per ton basis the costs are greatly reduced as well Jump drive 10 tons at 1 MCr*ton. Maneuver drive at 2 Tons 2 MCr*ton and Power Plant 4 Tons at 1MCr*Tons.
J Drive 10MCr
M Drive 4MCr
P Plant 4MCr
Total 18 Mcr X2 for Stage effects = 36 MCr
His Grace Duke of Glisten by the hand of his IM Strephon in 1116.

IMTU tc !23 mgt- mt+ TNE+ T4++ T20- T5 ?T5LBB ?tp tg-- ?th ?to ru ge++ !3i+ c++ jt- au+ ls- pi+,-- ta- he+ ?kk ?hi as dr ?ith ?vr ?ne vg+ So++ Zh- Vi-- da Sy
*all non So humaniti are much closer related to Homo Nethanderalis than are So, and are immediately recognizable to So as "cavemen" complete with fur and the other morphological characteristics that were unimportant to Grandfather's need for a better servant

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