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Jump drive QREBS rolled -1, -5, 0 ,+5, -4. add in the MOD for being ultimate = +3, -1, +4, +1, 0 (this is what I am recommending for a house rule concerning burden on volume based equipment)
Correction to quality roll is 2D-2 not flux and the tech stage does not add to quality the 2D6-2 = 5+6-2=9 better than most with a 4 year period on reliability downgrades instead of a +3 with a Three year period
Burden =+1 5% larger than standard
Maneuver Drive Qrebs rolled 0,0,0,0,0. add in the +4 MOD for ultimate = +4, +4, +4, -4, +4 Burden =-4 = 20% smaller than standardSame correction here as well 2d-2 = 5+5-2 = 8 Very Good with a Three year period between reliability downgrades
PowerPlant Qrebs rolled -1, -3, 0, +3, +4 add in the MOD for ultimate = +3, +1, +4, -1, +8 Burden =-1 5% smaller than standardAhh and the power plant is also changed, here the dice was not so kind 2d-2 = 1+2-2 = 1 The Power Plant is BAD quality with a usage period of minutes between reliability downgrades. We now know why this otherwize excellent ship is being made available
His Grace Duke of Glisten by the hand of his IM Strephon in 1116.

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*all non So humaniti are much closer related to Homo Nethanderalis than are So, and are immediately recognizable to So as "cavemen" complete with fur and the other morphological characteristics that were unimportant to Grandfather's need for a better servant
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