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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
No, even the wargames on offer have changed.

Of course they have, along with the wole world, that's what I mean, though maybe I didn't express myself too well

Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Why do we see this? Because, largely, the pace of life is somewhat faster - that is, people tend to do more, and thus have less time for games.
True, and we're used to more immediate results too. World has changes, mentality and uses of people have changed with it, and games also, as if players change (either due to generational changes or for the old ones becoming older), games must too.

Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Let's take one of the Hardcore "Modern" wargames...

Hammer of the Scots. About 50 units, each with 3 or 4 damage steps, on a 1/2" thick 1.25" square counter. About 40 board spaces. Plays in 2-6 hours to completion, depending a lot on player speed. I've personally had games completed in 3 hours.

Compare it to a much older game for the same war (name of which I forget; I only saw it played, and that was over 22 years ago; I think it might be Robert the Bruce from 1978; it looks like what I remember - 240 counters)... it had a full 108 counter sheet for each side, and a hex map, with about 30x40 (~1200 hexes) of which around 800 were valid. I've been told it plays out in 6-12 hours. (It's sister game, Kingmaker, I never saw completed in less than 4.5 hours)
This Hammer of the Scots you tell about reminds me of Avalon Hill's Napoleon, where the Waterloo campaign was represented in a similar way. And it was published in 1977 (ITTR it was the first board wargame I ever played)...

Of course many other games represented even there the same campaign with more counters, carton ones, etc, even from the same game company (AH's Waterloo, published in 1962).
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