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Agreed, knowing how a thing is done, then doing it in which ever harbor you arrive in will lead to a sharper appreciation of the art of the deal.

Is see brokerage as a collection of skills, much like all the other traveller skills are. It does cover everything from the Broker behind his desk, to the frieghters broker perusing the planetary nets to find both posible customer and seller, he will also develop a sense of what is in demand on a particular planet over time.

For example, the fish marketer who buys from the fisherman, may well have broker as a skill.

My Great Grandfather Captained a coaster that he owned, the John D., he was widely known as a sharp trader who ran a tight and spotless ship. He almost ran a cartel of sorts, he managed alot of the negoitations with the Baltimore shippers and docks for his region of the Eastern Shore. I would say that he also probably had broker and at a 2 or higher.
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