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Default How to "fix" your T4 game... (Conclusion)

I hope it would be okay to make up a new thread expanding the "How to "fix" your T4 game..." topic's ideas. For a to me unknown reason each post appears twice in that old one, which really makes my eyes hurt...

At First, I'm a bit late on the "T4 Party". Back in the late 80's and during the 90's we (my old gaming group) played a lot the Traveller Version wich was published in german by Fantasy Productions in 1986 (which's content layout is mostly identical to the "Starter Edition" of 1982 (except that the tables rather put into appendices at the back of the book than integrated into the main text like ist done in the "The Traveler Book" from 1983. The latter would have been much more easier to read. The need to page-flip forth and back is insane).

Due to the sales or FanPro's publishing policy, neither MegaTraveller, nor TNE or "Mark Miller's Traveller" have been translated and published in Germany. And as it looks like, 13Mann, which are publishing Mongoose's Traveller in german, are about to fold.

A while ago I got my Hands, or more precise, my Harddrive, on a T4 Core Rules PDF from DriveThru.

Recently I compaired the Target Numbers for the PRIOR SERVICES from T4 with those from the various "Classic Traveller" publications.
I found out that a T4 Target Number is exactly the CT Target Number -14 and changing the (+) into (-).

For example:
the Enlistment Roll for Army is 5+ in CT, and it's 9- in T4.
(5 - 14 = 9).
the Enlistment Roll for Marines is 9+ in CT, and it's 5- in T4.
(9 - 14 = 5).
And so forth. So I created a quick conversion matrix:

--- ---
3+ 11-
4+ 10-
5+ 9-
6+ 8-
7+ 7-
8+ 6-
9+ 5-
10+ 4-
11+ 3-

Now, since some (or most) find the Characteristics' influence as too much in T4, instead of determining the Target Number by "Characteristic + Skill", you could determine it by the T4 equivalent of the CT Basic Throw of 8+ (which would be 6-) with the Skill Level as DM (Difficulty Modifier, as explained on page 13 of the T4 book).

So, having to characters, Adam One with Medical-2 and Winne Two with Medical-4, Adam's Target Number would be 8-, while Winne's would be 10-.

If you want to have a further Characteristic influence, you could use a Advantageous/Disadvantageous DM (Difficulty Modifier again) for a characteristic above or below average like it's used in CT in some places.

Let's say DM +1 for Int/Edu of 8+ and DM +2 for Int/Edu of 11+, and DM -1 for Int/Edu of 6- for example.

Now, let's assume Adam is just above average clever (Int 8), while Winne isn't just the brightest candle on the cake (Int 5).

Adam's and Winne's final Target Number would now both be 9-.

Varying from that you also could use Advantageous/Disadvantageous DM's for both (all) characteristics listed for a certain skill, in case of "Medical" Int and Edu, and Dex and Str for "Throwing". The Dex DM determines the character's hand-eye coordination, while Str determines if he/she could throw that knife that far.

Default (Level-0) skills would have a Target Number of 1/2 of the Basic Target Number, 3-, modified by the Advantageous/Disadvantageous DM for a characteristic above/below average.

Just my Cr2 about "how to fix" T4's Task System.
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