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Originally Posted by atpollard View Post
Not that it matters a great deal, because play is still play, but what version of Traveller are we using?
Classic Traveller, LBBs and The Traveller Book. A few houserules - I guess I need to get that into the blog.

Edit 3: I don't even have T5 yet. If I'm thinking of pulling in anything from there or elsewhere, I'll discuss it w the group before just saying, "OK, this works differently now."

I'm considering just keeping most of the "numbers" stuff "behind the screen" and see how that works. Y'all just tell me what you want to do and give me a 2d6 roll, and I tell you how it works out. Seems like that would cut out some of the back and forth and save time in PbP format. Obviously requires some level of player trust of the GM, but I hope to earn that.

What do y'all think about that?

Edit: Also, if a character is skilled at something I don't mind an OOC question to the GM along the lines of "What do I think my chances are of succeeding if I do X?" Skilled people ought to be able to estimate that sort of thing based on experience. Unskilled people may ask the same kind of question, but I'd probably use one of those Truth-SomeTruth-No-Truth rolls in deciding how to answer them.

Edit 2: Picturing the academic type w no vacc-suit or Zero-G experience who wants to know his chances on a free jump from one ship to another. GM rolls badly. "Umm, sure, go ahead, should be no problem..."
GM Maxim #2: If the Players have any kind of Ship, deckplans are mandatory. Otherwise, the Players will wander around with vague and contradictory notions of where things are, and Chaos results.

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