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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Just from following your links, my impression is this would be a great system for a Bladerunner type game.
Bladerunner is actually mentioned in the core book in the section entitled "films to inspire you".
The setting is Earth in the year 2500 so it could very easily be used for a Bladerunner game. There are even off-world colonies in the core book.
The game system section is only 13 pages. That's it.
Of course there are many add-on rules but the engine is a straight forward one.
I love it. It deserves much more recognition. But being an Indy game it is kind of under the radar, especially since Mongoose are not publishing it any more.
The 256 page core book has the following sections:
Character Creation
Character Advancement
The Corporations (there are 5 main ones)
The United International Government
The Game System
The World in 2500
The Cities
People & Places
Running a game of Corporation
Sample missions
Installations & Environments
Installation Maps

Fantastic game. Easy to understand core rules.
Well worth a look if you like cyberpunk, or to be more accurate Post-Cyberpunk
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