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Default Hydrogen fuel questions

These questions were overlooked in the other thread so I'll start a new one.
What little physics and chemistry I know is decades old and long forgotten from lack of use. I also own a very limited set of CT material which is also decades old and mostly long forgotten.

1) Is it correct that the preferred form of hydrogen fuel in Traveller is in the form of liquid hydrogen?

2) There are references in Traveller to using unrefined fuel. What exactly does this mean?
2a) Is it still liquid hydrogen but not pure?
2b) Could it be water going straight into the power plant and drives?
2c) If a ship scoops the gasses from a gas giant and stores it in gaseous state can it be put straight into the power plant and drives as unrefined fuel?

3) There was discussion of the amount of hydrogen in water and liquid hydrogen. What about hydrogen skimmed from the gas giant? It needs to be stored while being processed. What's it's density?

4) What are the properties of hydrogen under various temperatures?

When water gets cold enough, it freezes. When it freezes, it expands. When heated, it also would build up pressure as it tries to expand into a gas.
5) How would these pressures compare to those of hydrogen and compare the storage issues of both under a variety of temperatures.
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