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Default Proposed Maneuver Standard Term- V

While discussing this and that here in Fleet, I've often referred to something going say 20 Gs as a shorthand reference for their velocity.

I am often 'corrected' that G is a term for acceleration, which is true.

However, it's just too useful for actual ship maneuver ala CT miniatures and the HG versions thereof. You can reference the ship's velocity and apply the G maneuvers to change course, decel, work out closing velocities, etc.

Delta-vee is of course the right term.

I could see it being melted down in star crew vernacular to dee-vee as shorthand, and ultimately vee.

So my proposal is that we refer to ship velocity as V, and that V is whatever time/distance scale is appropriate to the system proportionate to G.

That's an important distinction to make, as Mayday and Brilliant Lances' scale is different from MgT or CT miniature movement.

For CT V would be value x 10 kps, in keeping with the 10 meter per second accel over 1000s time/distance scale.

A 1-G capable ship going 10 V and wanting to decel to 1 V would need 9 turns/9000 seconds to do so.
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