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Originally Posted by ArcaneFlash View Post
I have been designing a number of small craft. I'm in the process of having to redesign the small craft section.

The reason is why a 100t smallcraft would ever choose a sZ engine at 19t equal to a K engine for a rating of 6, when it could use a size C engine at 5 tons.

Any ideas on the decrepancy?
Badly thought out by FEE.

Same question arises in HG2 vs CT Bk 2 Drives. Why a HG2 17dt M Drive in a 100dt hull rather than use a "C" Drive at 5dt...
The ship design and construction system given in Book 2 must be considered to be a standard system for providing ships using off-the-shelf components. It is not superceded by any system given in this book; instead this book presents a system for construction of very large vessels, and includes provisions for use of the system with smaller ships. - HG2 p18

...It is possible to include standard drives (at standard prices) from Book 2 if they will otherwise meet the ship's requirements; such drives use fuel as indicated by the formulas in Book 2. - HG2 p22
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