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Originally Posted by Reban View Post
I'm still reading but two things stand out:

1. Everyone is very obedient; the agent is the voice of the Emperor, thats fine, he speaks with supreme authority, but there are also little hints. the marines and junior officers who bow and genuflect to the Captain's chair (notice that that changes as the novel progresses). There is no referencing higher authority for orders, that is in keeping with the Age of Sail motif, but the default rather than the senior officer being "Johnny on the Spot" is to defer to a personality chip which is out of touch with local events (although that probably means immune from local politics).

2. The complete separation between the Navy and the Worlds. In every crisis I've read so far the Agent deals with the Navy analysis without referencing the local nobles or inhabitants. That's stretching my credibility at the moment.
I agree, I have found it hard to come to terms with what you have mentioned.. I do enjoy the fleshing in of details that make giving context to the OTU with such color and detail.
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