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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
That is always the sticking point. What does a D&D "Level" mean, anyway?

As a rating of overall class proficiency, D&D, "Level" most directly translates into "Hit Points", Saving Throws, THAC0, new spells, and special abilities.

Canonical Traveller does not use "Hit Points", per se. Nor are there any spells.

The only saving throws in Trav are vs. Intoxication, Poison, and Radiation, and are usually rolled against END "at-or-under".

That leaves THAC0 and special abilities.

Subtract unmodified THAC0 from 20 for each weapon type, then divide each result by 5. Round off to the nearest integer. This should yield a range of 0 to 4 for each weapon -- "Bow-4, Dagger-4, and Crossbow-3" would not be unusual for a high-level former D&D character.

But what about the "INT+EDU" skill-levels limit? This would be where the aforementioned "consideration" comes in.

As essentially TL-1 Barbarians, the former D&D characters would likely have or choose from the Trav skills of: Animal/Equestrian, Athletics (climbing, running, swimming), Blade Combat, Bow Combat, Brawling/Melee, Carousing, Gambling, Hunting, Language, Leadership, Medical, Navigation (ground or water), Prospecting, and Vehicle (beast-drawn or water craft).

(I'm mixing CT and MongT, here.)

Clerics and Paladins might have Medical skills ("Hand me those leeches...").
Clerics and Druids may also know Admin, Diplomat, Liaison, and Persuade.
Rangers know Recon.
Mages might have some knowledge of basic astronomy, biology, chemistry or other physical sciences. They may even be able to manufacture crude explosives ("I'm casting ... err ... throwing a fireball at the K'kree!")
Thieves might also have Deception, Intrusion, Stealth, and Streetwise.

OR, the referee might just have to chuck everything make up some new skills on the fly!

There's room for rote number-crunching, and there's room for "common-sense" choices.

It's all part of the game!
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