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Originally Posted by robject View Post
I've ported Gamma World characters to Traveller. In general it seems that porting characters is more interesting when done with consideration rather than mechanization.
Exactly. For a one-shot mechanization is fine. But if it is long term, more complete, detailed solutions become necessary.

Having more than 6 attributes in the UPP is not unhead of. Traveller 5 has alternate characteristics for STR DEX END to better reflect the capabilities of different sophonts.
Additional characteristics are fine too. Traveller 5 has Sanity, Judge Dredd introduces Influence as well as keeping SOC. You use one attribute or the other in a social interaction depending on what is more situation appropriate. I call mine Personality (PER) so not to interfere with SOC or Vargr and Charisma. Or better everyone has Charisma! Mwahaha!

My conversion for classes into careers looks at the idea of starting ages of 1st level characters and what you get. It LOOKS like humans start ~15 + 1d4, 1d6, or 2d6 years depending on class. Hmmm. looks like starting fantasy characters take 1 or 2 or 3 terms to become "1st" level. So change it to 14 like your standard Traveller "barbarians" create career charts and for those "careers" that take longer than 1 term to get to "first level" add some stuff about a 1 term "Fighter School" or 2 term "Wizard's Academy". Traveller has universities, right?

Having created a process, I can find a way to convert demihuman aging Traveller style. Either terms are 4 years and the long lived ones don't age, or terms for them take more years, like the Vegans in the Mongoose Solomani Rim book (their terms are 11 years IIRC).
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