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Originally Posted by infojunky View Post
Hum, that makes more sense than it should.
Of course it would make sense. After all, it's how all magic systems out there have been written!

Originally Posted by Nathan Brazil View Post
A skill yes, but no specifics on how to use it, limits, spell descriptions and so on. That was why I say no system
None of these are necessary. It's not really likely to get real-world practitioners contradicting your description of magic.

I admit I've never ported a character to Traveller. Now, Traveller characters have been ported back to systems with less flavourful chargen, because it makes more sense, IMO. And I don't play only Traveller.

My personal point of pride is porting a character as an Exalted NPC, an Abyssal!
"Still, it is ultimately the ability of the individuals
involved to play the role (by adopting the appropriate patterns of thought) that will determine the success or failure of the game
in portraying the Solomani as a race that is simultaneously human physically, but quite alien mentally and emotionally."
- Alien Module 6: Solomani (Introduction).
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