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Originally Posted by Enoki View Post
What I've never been able to understand is why bother with a pilot / crew on one to begin with?
There are several in-game reasons some of which Wil touched on; having a sophont aboard prevents salvage claims or makes any unwanted boarding attempt an act of piracy. Our late friend Hans toyed with the idea that a "living mind" needed to be aboard a vessel in jump much like how the hyperspace mass indicator in Niven's Known Space was psionic on some manner. The implied psionic angle, however, was something which never sat well with him.

IMTU, the crewman is there to perform planned maintenance inflight. The maintenance they do during jump shortens the amount of time needed for maintenance and checks between jumps. They're rated as pilots so the IISS can pay them more for what has to be one of the worst jobs in that service. (Bennies like that are not uncommon. I became an NCO within a month of leaving boot camp so that the Navy could pay me more as a bennie for volunteering for the nuclear propulsion program.)

There are no real metagame reasons for it.
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