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There's no reason for an X-Boat to linger around for a week before it can be reused. The "1 week" in system, is designed to cover the gross affects of arriving, landing, fueling, carousing, scumming for trade and passengers, loading, launching, and leaving.

X-Boats don't suffer that. They arrive, beam their messages, are seized by their tenders, serviced, fueled, and ready to go. It may take a day or two, but certainly not a week.

Down time for X-Boats is very costly. There's also nothing to suggest a boat needs be on the same route. The CREWS may have routes, but the boats, not necessarily. Would be interesting to have a story about an X-Boat as it travels from Core to Regina, not that's it's intentionally destined to Regina, rather it simply gets pulled from the pool of available X-Boats and eventually ends up there.

X-Boats are just expensive message envelopes like those vacuum tube transport cylinders.
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