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Originally Posted by Ulsyus View Post
After a day of meetings I'm struggling with the maths.

One x-boat per day per link.

Regina had three x-boat links; Dinomn, Extolay, and Roup. A 'boat arrives from each of those systems every 24 hours and, because each of those three systems are also getting one boat per day per link, Regina sends a 'boat to each of those systems every 24 hours.

A jump lasts 168 hours give or take amounts which vary according to whatever rules you're using. No matter how early or late the daily 'boat from Roup arrives, Regina is still going to dispatch a 'boat to Roup every day.

Day 1: Boat A arrives at Regina from Roup. Boats B, C, D, E, F, and G are still in transit from Roup. Boat H jumps from Roup.
Day 2: Boat B arrives from Roup. Boats C, D, E, F, G, and H are still in transit from Roup. Boat I jumps from Roup.
Day 3: Boats C arrives. Boats D, E, F, G, H, and I are in transit. Boat J is jumps.
Day 4: Rinse, wash, repeat 365 days a year.

While Roup is "pumping" all those 'boats down the link to Regina, Regina is pumping the same number of 'boats on the same schedule down the link to Roup. Extolay and Dinomn are dispatching 'boats to Regina on the same schedule and Regina sending 'boats to them on the same schedule.

And the end points of each link is each system are being service by tenders, tankers, scout/couriers, and small craft. The pace is steady, not frantic. Each link station has to "recover" one 'boat roughly every 24 hours while dispatching one 'boat at a fixed time every 24 hours. 'Boats will jump when they're scheduled to jump. There's no point in waiting for that day's 'boat to arrive as the delays will accumulate down the line. Besides, the next day's 'boat can carry whatever messages the tardy 'boat was carrying.

One 'boat per day per link.
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