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(OOC) We can just wing it if you don't want to go digging. I don't mind.


Dameon takes a drink and nods his head in approval. "That's a really nice vintage, Bran. I'm so used to Scout Stout."

He looks through the file on his datapad and says: "Aster... - there's only a small mining town there, if I remember right. And they don't want me at the main-world, but the outer system? That seems odd. And nothing about what I should bring? I wonder if they need me to transport someone or something. That would make some sense if they just need a courier. But why wouldn't they even give minimal information on the mission? Unless..."

He takes another drink of the sweet-flavored liquor, deciding to down it all the way after the first swallow. As he puts the glass on the table next to his chair, his eyes grow wide.

"They've found something Ancient, haven't they, Bran?" he says to the Administrator, a big smile starting to grow on his face.
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