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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Keep in mind: Mongoose's blog entries imply strongly, as do the MGT damage system and weapon damages, that Mongoose was working from CT 1E, and not considering the OTU at all. Gareth implied that he didn't consider the OTU at all, only the CT rules and T5 drafts... and that his CT books are the 1977 printing, plus the 1979 Bk 4.
That explains the weapon damage then.

Looking for MGT rules to support the post 81 OTU is like looking for Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Labyrinth Lord to include support for Dark Sun, Hollow World, and Ravenloft. Sure, you can run them with them, but you will need to deviate from the Rules As Written to do so, as they were not part of the designer's phronema.

Oh, and the writer introducing the low lottery? Marc Miller - it's in CT-77 Book 2 page 2.
Nothing wrong with house rules. Even when they disagree with the original creator. I remember that some years ago Golan2072 made some house rules for the low berth that I liked. I may try to dig 'em out.

EDIT: Here they are. They're CT but can easily be adapted.
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