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Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
We've all had this experience at one time or another, and of various magnitudes. How do you deal with a player who is either gaming his fellow RPers or invoking rules that go against house rules, or just otherwise being disruptive in some way shape or form.

And by disruptive I don't mean said player is rowdy as such, but just not really playing in the same spirit as the rest of the group.

What solutions have you tried?
Minimize him.

You control the spotlight. You control the situations that the characters fall into.

Don't say anything negative. Just keep quiet. When he talks, don't react. If he asks about a rule that goes against a house rule, then just say, "I don't know. Try it and find out what happens."

Then play your game. He'll get the message that if he plays well with others, the spotlight comes to him as often as it comes to the others.

If he acts out of turn, tell him to wait his turn (and take your time getting to him).

If he tries to influence others, stop him and say, "Let Jim play his own game. You play yours. Jim's character wouldn't know that anyway."

Sometimes, insisting on more roleplaying helps. Some players learn to be combative with comments made outside of the game but play their characters OK inside the game. Tie the two together, and let his character pay the consequences with NPC reactions to him.

In short, use the game to control him and teach him. Just do it. Never say anything about it, and look in wonder at him if he brings it up. He'll learn.

Don't lose sight of the fact that you're the gamemaster, and you control the game.
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