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Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
Obviously not.
Originally Posted by flykiller View Post
and this surprised you? prior to this you didn't pick up on any clues he might be this way?
Originally Posted by pendragonman View Post
Sadly, yes. We were flabbergasted that after being asked to leave he wouldn't go.

We were floored when he wouldn't pack up when the police asked him to. They had to physically remove him from the house.
Not everyone assumes that a moment or two of bad behavior leads to the need for the police to physically remove someone. I have been VERY tolerant of some people who simply needed a little slack and understanding before they'd play right, but if someone gets to the point where I tell them it's time for them to go and they don't want to leave my house, then it's time I pull my gun out, turn the laser pointer on, flash it past his eye so he sees it, and then point the dot at his chest and say "Florida law allows me to shoot you if you don't leave." And then pull the hammer back.

Thankfully I've never actually had to do anything remotely like that. Most people who don't want to play in the same spirit as we do figure out that they're not having fun and simply don't show up any more. I've never had to uninvite someone, but have had bad people realize they weren't having fun with my style and leave. (Which is weird, because I'm pretty permissive, but also a team player.)
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