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Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
Marketers and designers now abuse that to sell platform games.

I play WoW -- I like WoW. It's fun for me, I've been playing it forever, so it's easy and low load for me.

It's a treadmill of repeating content with moments of storytelling and the other charms that they interlace in to this vastly complicated and enormous game. The scope of the game is truly extraordinary and the production is top notch.

It's fun to watch folks on the WoW forums whine and complain about how most of Blizzards (creator of WoW) decisions appear to have been done in some dark, smoke filled room. Designers sleeping with accountants, twirling their mustaches as they try to squeeze every last dime out of the the player base.

But they're completely wrong. Do other games do this? Yes. "Free to play" with "freemium" payment models are terribly abusive. You can tell when you look at charts of how much people pay for the game and see these geometric spikes at the high end. Folks drag and dropping large sums of money to buy convenience or power. A friend of mine dropped $500 on Neverwinter Nights. Mind, that's really nothing to him. His children didn't starve to fund it, but the point remains. Like gamblers, there are other who have spent that that perhaps should not have.

I've been playing WoW since before the beginning. $3000 easily in sub fees and expansions -- over 15 years. This is comparable to a movie a month, all told. This is probably chicken feed to what Games Workshop fans have invested in their collections.

But the naysayers talk about how Blizzard designs the game to string people out. Keep paying, month to month. And it's just not true. A dedicated player (and appreciate, there are hundreds of hours of content in each individual expansion) can (and have) blown through the game in a single month (a single subscription). 2 months easily.

"But then we can't raid until the next release!" Then un-sub and wait! DON'T PLAY! Don't hang out with your friends, don't do any of the zillion OTHER things available off the main Happy Path game play. The game DOES have lots of things to do. Ostensibly, people do them because they LIKE to do them. They certainly don't HAVE to.

If you want to kill the guy on the box, beat the last boss mob of each phase of the expansion (which is the main storytelling and gaming mechanic in the game), yea, this is readily and easily done with a month of play for each boss.

In the current expansion, we're on 8.2. Second tier. That means $60 for the expansion price, plus another $15 for each of the months for each tier release. The game has been out over a year. 90 days of game time, 100's of hours of game play. There's nothing keeping folks in the game save themselves. Time to level up, time to get gear, time to run the dungeons and raid, and meet the main boss and kill them. Not time to do it at the hardest possible way, that takes a LOT of work and investment -- but you know that going in. But you can play the game, do the quests, see the monsters, and kill them easy in a single month subscription.

A far cry from loot boxes, power ups, "inventory slots" and the other BS that "free to play" games have.
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