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After looking at the Vehicle Design Book for Cepheus Engine, I think that is NOT going to be the way I will go with vehicles and vehicle design. As I am not that great at working with complex forms either, I will be using a different format for nautical ships, ground vehicles, and aircraft. I will need to adjust the Tech Levels a bit too.

Aside from giving a good list of usable vehicles, civilian and military, I plan on explaining exactly how to take an existing vehicle and adapt it to my concept of the Cepheus Engine. I will have to add sections on what armor is and how armor is computed, along with weapons data. I hope buyers will not mind using calculators to go from English to Metric, as most of my data is in English Units, and I am not sure how much work I want to put into listing both sets of data.

I think that I will put in at least a couple of vehicles in comparison to the Moon Toad stuff. A 38-gun frigate having fewer hull and structure points than a Greek Trireme. At the Battle of Lake Champlain in 1814, the British frigate "Confiance", carrying 37 guns, 30 on the gun deck, ended the battle with 105 round shot in her hull, ranging from 24 to 42 pounds. That does not include the hits that went all the way through, the ones that took down her masts, or the ones through gun ports that took out guns and gunners without staying in the hull. I cannot even imagine a Greek Trireme surviving taking 20 hits to the hull, aside from the absolute havoc that would wreak with the oarsmen. She would be wood splinters. A bow rake from even one of the 20-gun ship-sloops the U.S. Navy was turning loose on the British in 1814 would turn a trireme into a drifting wreck, with most of the crew dead or dying. Blakely and the "U.S.S Wasp" could probably ruin a dozen of them with no casualties. The bottom line is that the characteristics of all military vehicles will be based on combat results whenever possible.
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