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The SADM package came in a little under 50 tons equivalent. Although I don't have access to the original test data, given that it was deployed for roughly 20 years I am willing to state that the fizzle problem was not an issue...

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One problem right not is that I am not at home, with all of my reference material, and for some reason, the laptop with my digital data, at least some of it, is not picking up the wireless for some reason.

With respect to nukes and space combat, the smallest nuke warhead credited to the U.S. is 0.1 kilotons, which would have the blast effect equivalent to 50 tons of TNT. I have my doubts about the reliability of such a small warhead, as that is borderline "fizzle". Probably the smallest that could be viewed as reliable in terms of yield would be about half a kiloton, equal to 250 tons of TNT in blast effect. When a 6 ton Tall Boy bomb hit the German battleship Tirpitz and detonated, the ship structure for a radius of 25 feet disappeared, with massive damage extending out from that. That bomb was loaded with 5600 pounds of TNT, with the blast effect somewhat reduced by the bomb casing. With the one-half kiloton nuclear warhead, the blast effect is going to be considerably more than 100 times that of the Tall Boy. A hit with a 0.5 kiloton nuke on a ship is likely to take away about a 125 foot radius of structure as a minimum, or a 250 foot radius. I would have to do some number crunching with my Effects of Nuclear Weapons to come up with a more accurate figure. However, that is likely to take out most of the standard trading ships and small warships in Traveller, aside from ruining most anything larger. I am not sure what basis the SRD is using for weapons, but the nuclear weapon is way undervalued. Then there is the radiation effects that I really need to Effects of Nuclear Weapons for.

I guess I need to decide if I plug in some actual nuclear weapon effects in a table in my rules. I will have to give that some thought. I can safely assume that players are going to use nukes. It would be nice if they understood what they were doing.
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