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Originally Posted by 77topaz View Post
Er, bump? Mine is the most recent post in the IC thread, and there's various bits and pieces Frank, Dabi or the Ref could respond to.
Actually, I just checked again, and I don't see anything for Frank to respond to unless Julius and Dabi are finished eating and ready to go to the Weapons Shop of Bohen, aka Hunter Joe's?

Hadn't heard from SanDragon lately, as to whether Dabi is actually going to order that "areal steak" that we went to the restaurant to get, or pick up the offered combat knife or have any comments or questions, or show any other signs of life. [Trying to remember whether Frank or Julius have any Medical skill... ]

Nvmd. I'll throw a little something out on the table as soon as I can stop coughing long enough. Major problem with spending much time in hospitals - you always come home sick with something new.
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