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Ok here is how it going to work. Anyone (even only briefly to act as a NPC) can come in and participate in this thread. They will just have to assume a role and keep in character when responding to different situations that I will (as Ref.) will throw out to the entire Board.

I will endeavour to make a posting, at least once a day but really I want to leave the action up to everyone on the board.

Ref. interventions will be identified as Ref. says: embodied in quote.

If you want to play just as a NPC prefix your actions with NPC: This way you will not be drawn into the larger game if you cannot commit the time.

Silly or frivolous postings will not be tolerated.

The first action taken will be shunning by everyone participating. If that fails, we could ask for administrative revoking of the user name and/or post.

Remember all this like a LARP no rules, no dice (or more accurately limited dice rolls with players expected to role play the results) just strictly interpersonal relations. Be mature about it and we all can have a good time. Try to stay always in character. When you bump into another character. Be sure to identify yourself.

For technical details done in a narrative form, participants may use the Companion Thread entitled Technical Details...

The adventure also has a section for players to discuss strategy. This located on the thread named: COTI LARP OOC Thread (Players Only!)

Upon reasonably spaced out requests, I can also provide with an updated Executive Summary of the Adventure, thus far.


(Hopefully, this will create the longest thread, yet!)
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