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Default Vacuum World, No Starport?

i'm working up a new second campaign based on the Matarishan subsector of the Ley Sector circa 993 era.

In the Gateway to Destiny Sourcebook it lists a system as:

Adigigi 1523 X200441-8 Ni Va 410

This is interesting to me because it says it's a no atmo, no water vacuum planet, no starport, has 40,000 citizens and law level 1. That sounds wild!

I'd have to assume the people live in some sort of dome(or other enclosed structure) or underground in some manner. However with no starport of any kind, how do they get water or supplies? Unless there's an underground source of water or ice caps? Why the law level of 1?

Please give me your thoughts! This planet seems neat to visit and I'd like to flesh it out a bit for the players.
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