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Originally posted by tjoneslo:
The Flasher has already been added to the Traveller Arsenal (ok, it's in the Emperor's arsenal for T4).
Not sure you can just retconn the basic human nervous system/eye/brain connection, but what do I know? :0)

The current generation use lasers I think, since that lets them get light at one specific wavelength which is how this is triggered. The fact you can get one that works on dogs only suggests that you could get one that works on gaurd animals of various species (perhaps not all). This might be useful for postmen, animal trainers, and people who sneak into houses at nights... (aka Traveller adventurers...).

I can imagine genetic drift requiring some tweaking of frequency, but I can't imagine the effect just vanishing unless we undo 65 million years of hardwiring. And if we worry about drift, get a multi-frequency device (higher TL?) that can switch frequencies if it seems to be not having effect.

But thanks for the historical reference, even if it was from the version of Traveller I liked least...
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