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I know it isn't a taser (exactly) or a PE round, but you are aware (I assume) of the new generation of laser tasers (or incapacitators or decapacitators or whatever buzzword we should use for them)?

I had a friend in 5 SFG who got to test some of these - they have two variants and a composite. Variant 1 works on dogs (for posties), Variant 2 on people. The composite hits both. It uses a strobing light to induce something akin to a seizure in people - nauseau, disorientation, etc. It renders them pretty much incapable of a) hitting anything or b) fighting back vs. HTH.

My buddy was down testing it because they were thinking of using it for takedowns - you grab the target after your doorkickers go in, then you say "hey!", get his attention, blammo - a shot of strobe laser and he's incapable of resisting being cuffed and dragged out. Should have some range, though I'm not sure about how much (say under 30'?) and I'm also not sure about collateral damage (aim at Tango, get a bunch of other bystanders who also drop... of course, this may be desirable!). Defenses seem to be hard shut eyes or polarized goggles (visors, sunglasses, etc).

But if you catch the unequipped or catch even the equipped when they're not expecting it, you can zap them with this and take the fight right out of them.

My pal said the guys from his unit took turns zapping one another and reeling around. He said they really do work, make you feel sick as a dog. Of course, there may be long term health issues, but given the sorts of folks they go after, I'm sure that isn't a big concern.

Still, such a weapon should appear at late TL-8 or early TL-9 in Traveller as well. Hand held, like a big flashlight. Assume higher TL will have built in defense in combat helmets and such, but unprotected individuals who aren't expecting it may well drop like flies when hit by it.
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