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The article Anthony linked to does not address my main objection to the PE tazer rounds, which is bullets tumble, and the PE material discharges based upon flexing in specific directions.

In order to get a battery/capactitor system to work, you will need to get somewhat better batteries than currently exist. This may not be a real problem:

Here is new capacitor/battery storage system which pushes the limits known today.

Basted upon the physics of the situation, I'm more likely to believe the battery/capaciter than the PE, but of you add a TL or two to the PE system I might not dismiss it out of hand as fantasy either.

One thing to add to this discussion. It has been discovered that a simple shock will incapacitate a person, it if it strong enough. But you can also incapciate them with a much weaker shock, it you use a longer duration with a specific frequency. The pulse disrupts the nervous system.

So for travller: Taser, either short ranged or hand weapon. TL 7, 500g one shot/30 seconds, Cr 50.

Taser bullets TL 9, does -1 damage, but END check to remain conscious.

Taser bullets TL 10, does normal damage, END check at -2 to remain conscious.

These are WAGs.
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