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Magic 8-ball says: Answer Hazy.

Most piesoelectric chips can't produce enough power to do any more than provide a mild shock, particluarly if they are the size of a bullet.

In order for the chip to discharge it needs to be bent (or compressed) in a particular direction. However, bullets tumble in flight, some more than others. But it wouldn't take much of a change of attitude to make the pieozo not discharge on impact.

Also, most Piezo material is much ligher (less dense) than the lead used for most bullets, meaning the bullet has much less penetrating power than a normal bullet. So a light body armor would stop the shell.

Now it may be possible to build something which is fired from a gun which has the characteristics you are looking for. It would probably be large (20mm+), slow moving, and with a set of needls to penetrate clothing and light armor and still affect the target. So you have someing that looks like a "rubber bullet" used for crowd control or a grenade laucher, firing what looked like spine covered balls. The firing would generate one set of charge for an internal capaciter, while the impact would generate a second one.

I'm still not sure why you would want the piezo material, a battery with a switch activated by the firing would be much more reliable.
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