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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
What exactly makes these seeds GT specific?
I was going to use some of the concepts I jotted down inspired by other GURPS books; Banestorm, Castle Falkenstein, Alternate Earths and others, but decided instead to get the main ones out there. Some are fully formatted adventures waiting to be published, others are merely in rough draft form.

Initially I was going to create a thread for each concept, which is why the title has the obligatory "1" in it, but I didn't want to spam the GURPS section with a bunch of different threads for each concept, especially since one thread would have been more appropriate.

If you get a chance, have a look at "Castles and Dragons", the adventure I wrote for the SJGames version of JTAS. Mister Miller has the maps, and I think he said he was going to include the maps on the disk. Anyway, the point here being that initially I wanted to publish a bunch of non OTU adventures as per Proto-Traveller. Adventures that could be played in one sitting, as per something like the old double adventures, didn't have anything to do with the OTU unless the referee wanted it, and were not really the scope nor scale of the regular adventures nor anything published by TSR for the D&D line.

I'm not going to do that now, and am pretty much done with it and the game. But I did want to give a taste of stuff that I think people could run with and enjoy in their own private gaming sessions without a full blown write up by me.

Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
One form of 'backstory time travel' could be achieved by wafers. Plug in a wafer, players play through backstory of history as though they were there, and either they really were the people recorded in the wafers and what they 'do' is what happened, or the wafers are on 'alternative choice game' mode and lets people play out what happened or what modern wafer game companies/education systems THINK what happened.

Or combine the two, play out the 'current understanding game' then later on the characters run across wafers about what REALLY happened.
I contemplated the "wafer" concept (or something like it), but didn't want to imitate an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation, largely because I really do not like that show, and didn't want to appear as taking a concept from it. But the gist that I got from Marc Miller was that there could be a work around for the time travel thing, and a computer generated historic simulation is what came to my mind. If you're a TNG fan you might recall an episode where Picard lives out the life of a native on a planet probe attaches itself to his cranium, and he has a life experience from it. It's one of few episodes I ever saw after Season 1. It's an interesting premise, but TNG really rubs me raw on a number of levels, and I don't want to pay homage to it in any way, shape or form.

The full concept, as it stands now, is more for a full length novel with lots of subplots, but writing "romances" or "bromances" or whatever regarding people's emotional attachments to one another, is not my forte. That, and that kind of stuff doesn't lend itself to good plot driven scifi, which is what this was going to be. A lot of the adventure regards the players puzzling out how to get from point A to point B while crisis C and mystery D loom in the background.

The adventure based loosely off of Lebbeus Woods' art, like this one, had an element of intrigue that was more tangible than the Soleri adventure (for lack of a better term). And the Lebbeus Woods' art is more or less a social commentary on the ramifications of warfare, and the misery and destruction it brings about, which was in tune with the adventure.

Sorry for not replying earlier, but I was really in a foul mood (as usual). I probably won't be coming back for some time.

Have fun!
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