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Originally Posted by coliver988 View Post
Excellent ideas responding to my facetious post. Thanks! For some reason I just was not thinking water-based ships...
You're welcome!

Also, water-based or air ships, makes little difference, actually. It has been said that Traveller implements the model of Napoleonic times/era of piracy. So it stands to reason that you should be able to implement those back to Traveller, too!

And well, you could adapt that to a coach, too. Just, instead of being a deckhand, you're a stablehand, dealing with horses (possibly ill-mannered ones).
Make sure to pump up your Endurance, you need to walk besides them, and then to give them an walk, and a rub, and then food, so they could be ridden again soon...maybe even tomorrow!

Of course, this might still be better than a working passage on a galley...
But then the galley is likely to at least be faster.

And yeah, I've been using the above options for a while now. Makes my players really happy!
"Still, it is ultimately the ability of the individuals
involved to play the role (by adopting the appropriate patterns of thought) that will determine the success or failure of the game
in portraying the Solomani as a race that is simultaneously human physically, but quite alien mentally and emotionally."
- Alien Module 6: Solomani (Introduction).
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