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Originally Posted by AsenRG View Post
Depends on the setting...and in some settings, on the region!

High Passage: You get your own room on the ship. It might be the Captain's on a smaller ship*, probably won't be on a bigger one. You're allowed a body servant in there, max two**, but there's probably no space for more.
Mid Passage: You get a bed in the common area.
Low Passage: You get a bed in the common area and work the dirty jobs on the ship, probably*** as a deckhand.

*Yes, some captains are likely to part with their own accommodations for money.
**In some regions, that's highly advisable for the female part of a mixed-genders party.
***Might be a job as a deckhand and diver on a bigger ship that hunts for pearls...if you have the Endurance, Athletics (endurance) and are willing. On the plus side, you might actually earn some money - take it as winning the Low Passage lottery - but then there's a chance (throw 4-) of a Shark Encounter, too!
Excellent ideas responding to my facetious post. Thanks! For some reason I just was not thinking water-based ships...
Mostly lurking about...CT is still my favorite with T5 as a neat tool box to plunder.

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