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Originally Posted by flykiller View Post
perhaps all you need is a good referee.
Pretty much this. I am sort of trying to see if my group (or rather, a sub-group of the group) can generate a shared universe and we can take turns playing or refereeing. I've added a Trello board for the Fantasy Trip (sort of project management thing) and so far 1 player is contributing, the one that will probably alternate with me for The Fantasy Trip at least. Not sure I can swing it for Traveller as there is just one other player who used to ref Traveller but it has been a long time for him, and he would rather play.

But finding the right group is hard (although not as hard as it used to be as geeky stuff like RPGs are now mainstream, dare I say, "cool" [and hence negating the cool factor by both saying it is and saying hence...]). The group I am in actually has 10+ gamers and there are a wide variety of them. Found one of the players is also as badly addicted to Kickstarter as I am and we've overlapped on several projects. So we're hoping to also overlap in gaming duties (and he is an excellent DM).

But while I do like playing in my universe, it does get lonely at times and being a player brings a different view (plus I don't have to bring so much to game night!)
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