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So I'm wondering about non-industrial Traveller worlds with technological levels dependent on industrial production. For example, the TL 13 world with a population of forty thousand, or five thousand. Or three hundred.

Suppose you've got one little TL15 world with a population of 300 or so, and within 10 parsecs there's one TL 11 industrial world and a mess of other systems between TL 5 and 9.
This would depend a lot on exactly who the people were that were there and what they did.
Taking a real world modern example, you have a bunch of islands around the world that have very small populations and are quite distant from easy economic and technological support.
But, many maintain a high level of both by one means or another.

For example, you might have one that has a valuable resource that is scarce but in abundance there. Nauru with phosphate was one such island. The small population got rich selling the rights to a mining company. Yea, they squandered the wealth, but while they had it they could live quite well.

Kawajalein atoll or Guam are good examples of another means. Both house considerable US military and government facilities thus they have a population that is paid well to be there to do something. Everything gets imported but the islands themselves are not very well economically established.

The Falklands are another. They get by fairly well even as nearby Argentina is unfriendly to them.

So, you could easily have such instances that parallel these in the Traveller universe. A system that has an abundant resource. A really nice planet that has low population but all of them are filthy rich and it's their retreat.

I did one that was low population and listed as low tech. But, there were pockets of cutting edge tech on the world in the form of a handful of resorts / spas and the planet was a recreational "playground" that also did things like safaris, going so far as to import specific animals that hunters wanted to hunt from elsewhere (including endangered ones). They would charge the wealthy through the nose to get the exclusivity of being able to go there and get away from it all, or shoot the rare animal of their choice.

There are really no limits to what you could come up with to explain a high tech low pop world in the proverbial "Middle of Nowhere."
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