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Originally Posted by jawillroy View Post
In order to maintain that technology, how close does that world have to be to a population 7+ world of TL 13 or better?
2-3 months round trip travel, arguably more, 6 months to a year, depending on the tech.

Simply put, anything "vital" enough that it can't be down for the travel time, should have spares on hand.

This is not a matter of travel time per se as it is a matter of stores and expertise.

It doesn't help travel times to have your single Fusion Plant engineer die in a bowling accident just before winter.

But 2-3 months is isolated enough, but not that isolated.

A simple example are the trappers annual rendezvous that happened in the Rockies. Each year, essentially, everyone would come out of the wood work to bring in their furs, load up on bullets, powder, and backy, then head back out for another year of work.

But for a technological society, you want spares for the machinery, medications for routine illnesses. Best to have, say, an 18-24 month supply of antibiotics if the medical ship is coming every 6 months. That's something you want to over provision, and not store all in the same refrigerator.

Then there's consumables, like fuel, and such, but with reliable fusion power, less of an issue.

And any colony could do a lot worse than having a spare starship or two just standing by (Scout ship, small trader, even a pinnace or a gig). For local lift capacity, extra power, search and rescue, driving herds of Grasscloppers off the cliff for extra meat.

But, simply, areas with some redundant systems that can degrade gracefully (if X fails, we always have Y, and Z after that) can sustain themselves for quite some time.
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